MM6 FW 21

Maison Margiela moves into reverse mode. Revolved inside out, upside down and back-to-front, traditional pieces reveal new design dimensions for a reborn wardrobe inspired by these topsy turvy times. This collection began with a simple question: how do pieces transform when their iconic parts are slightly rearranged, or totally scrambled? The result is a complete macro/ micro design reset. We produced this digital fashion show. Director & Art direction: Alexandre Silberstein; DOP: Guillaume Le Grontec; Set designer: Guillaume Dewitt; Sound designer: Wladimir Schall; Makeup Artist: Karin Westerlund; Hairstylist: Ramona Eschbach; Post production: Everest.

Capsule – Look 20


Capsule – Look 09

Capsule – Look 05


Capsule – Look 02

Capsule - Look 21

Capsule - Look 16

Capsule - Look 8

Capsule - Look 04

Capsule - Look 11

Capsule - Look 03